Vision and Mission

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The Sabbath is the Lord’s Day set aside for worship, with the people of God together as one body. We will be committed to prioritizing this truth through all aspect of our worship and teaching. This will be visible in our teaching on the Sabbath, regular emphasis on presence and active participation, and visible in a congregation committed to attendance in a location offering a multitude of distractions. Our worship style will be connected to this church’s past, reflect the present, and grounded in God’s Word through expository preaching.

(Psalm 95; Ephesians 6:18; Hebrews 10:25) 

Mission Priority #2: EQUIPPING OF THE LAITY
The Priesthood of All Believers means every Christian has a sacred calling in every area and every stage of life. The fruit of equipping is visible spiriutal growth through God’s Word, the multiplication of members who are trained to share the Gospel, and the development of Kingdom citizens who are actively pursuing cultural renewal. Therefore, the church will emphasize education, and providing the educational resources to ensure every member will be equipped to do the work of ministry, informed by a holistic biblical world-view.

(Genesis 1:28; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:11-14) 

Mission Priority #3: CONNECTED MEMBERSHIP  
A church is a group of people united by faith in Jesus Christ, and worshiping, serving, and growing together with him. Therefore, this will be a church that feels more like a family and less like an institution. Visitors return, regular attenders will be encouraged to pursue membership, members will be active in serving, and people in need will receive care. We will focus on families, ensuring resources for education, discipleship, and counseling specifically aimed to support healthy marriages and godly parenting.

(Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

Mission Priority #4: MERCY & JUSTICE  
The church is called to care for the most vulnerable of society. Our primary outreach initiatives will be aimed at both mercy and reform. Mercy ministries will seek to support those harmed by hardship. Reform ministries will seek to increase the justice of the society of our region. As both efforts aim beyond the walls of our church, each will lead us into partnership with other churches and ministries.

(Jeremiah 29; Zechariah 7:10-11; Luke 10:25-37)

Mission Priority #5: THE GREAT COMMISSION 
The Church of Jesus Christ advances as followers of Jesus make disciples of Jesus. Jesus sovereignly promises to build his Church. We will fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism and gospel-centered church planting. The scope of the Great Commission extends to all the nations.

(Matthew 28:16-20)