Sunday School

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Sam Lamerson - How to Read the Bible

With so many voices and ideologies vying for our belief, being able to understand the Scriptures and the truth that God has revealed is more important than ever. In this course, we will discuss the supremely important topic of how to read and interpret Scripture correctly. We will consider the dangers of misinterpretation, common mistakes made while reading Scripture, and key methods for coming to a proper understanding of the text.

David Bibee - Rapture Disrupted: End Times Theology

In a day and age where theories about the end times are as common as they are incorrect, understanding what the Scriptures teach concerning the doctrine of last things is essential. We will consider God's overall purpose for humanity and the creation of the world and look at key texts to compare and contrast the most commonly held views on eschatology (the doctrine of last things).

Jim and Karol Airdo - Marriage Speaker Series

Throughout the semester, we will hear from various marriage and family professionals during our speaker series. We will consider foundational and important topics related to maintaining a healthy married and family life, how to protect your marriage from common mistakes, and how to pursue God's will for your life and family.

Frank Wright - Make Your Life Count

In this class, Dr. Frank Wright will lead you through important social, political, and spiritual issues of our day and how to understand them with a worldview that is grounded in God's revelation in the Scriptures. In an era of mass confusion and relativism, understanding God's perspective on these crucial topics is needed more than ever.