Sixty Years Testimony | Mary Jane Vanden Berge

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Over 20 years ago, God led Paul and Mary Jane Vanden Berge to come to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Right off the bat, they were challenged to get into God’s Word and to understand what it says about Christ. With grateful hearts, the couple listened to the teachings, which prompted them not only to be hearers of the Word but how to apply it, share it, and train soul winners for Christ.

“We were impacted by that,” said Mary Jane, who was deeply inspired by Dr. Kennedy’s vision and the church’s sound biblical teaching and doctrine. “It was very important to us to come to a church that believed without a doubt that we were saved by grace, and grace alone.” 

It didn’t take long for Mary Jane and her husband to get involved with Evangelical Explosion [EE]. According to her, nothing will make you fall in love with your faith more than having all of the Scripture to back it up—memorizing and internalizing that.

Now that she’s a mom, seeing her kids getting that same sound biblical teaching, she recognizes what an incredible gift that is. Both of her children have asked Jesus to come into their hearts. Her daughter participates in worship. Her son loves all the programs at CRPC. And though he’s only in first grade, he asks deep questions like: Are heaven and hell real? How do I know for sure that Jesus lives in my heart?  

For her, this is the very best time to be here. “Even though the church is celebrating its 60th year anniversary, it’s just beginning. And this new vision, Generation to Generation, carries Dr. Kennedy’s vision, which we are now carrying into the future. And the idea that we can change the world for Christ, and with Christ alone.”