Sixty Years Testimony | Ed Howell

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I am a missionary kid and was raised in the Faith. My father loved Dr. Kennedy. I went to Cedarville College in Ohio; a Baptist School. However, over the years I drifted from the Lord and Church. I went through a divorce and was lonely and started going to bars to find solace.

I eventually got into drugs and during the 80's got heavily addicted to cocaine. My life spiraled out of control and I went in and out of jails and treatment programs. 
I got married and my poor wife suffered dearly. I finally hit my bottom and went to House of Hope for 1 month where I got into small groups , counseling, praying and reading God's Word. I also started doing art.
After treatment, I started to go to Bayview Beginners AA meetings and started attending Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Under the tutelage of Pastor Rob I started to grow spiritually. Last year I reunited with my son, Zach, in Chicago and we made amends. 
Today, I am two years sober. I am truly blessed and love to attend church and be fed by Pastor Rob. I love to sing and the choir is awesome.
Praise God for His abundant Grace. 
Ed Howell