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Sixty Years Testimony | Al and Mary Anne Bunker

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"Our Story" Our Coral Ridge story began in 1963 when we purchased a corner lot on N.E. 16th Street and had a house built by Paul Wackes, the father of Dr. Ken Wackes, Headmaster at Westminster Academy. We watched Coral Ridge being built and thought we would visit there some day. That day came in the fall of 1963. We signed a blue Visitor's card and a few days later had ...

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Sixty Years | Groundbreaking Ceremony

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In the late 1960s, Coral Ridge had outgrown its original facility on Commercial Boulevard with the ever-increasing need to handle the expanding crowds, ministries, and the soon addition of Westminster Academy. The original plan was to expand the church's property down Commercial Boulevard, but it became unfeasible to do so. It soon became clear that the congregation would ...

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Sixty Years | Evangelism Explosion

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Three months after opening its doors, Coral Ridge had dwindled to only 17 attendees. To many, it seemed as if failure was imminent, but those faithful few remained committed to the advancement of the Gospel in the city. Founding Pastor D. James Kennedy knew God had more in store for Coral Ridge and charged the nearly 20 congregants in 1960 saying, "I believe we can change ...

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Sixty Years Testimony | Alejandra Ora

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Inspired by the sense of family Alejandra Ora and her family found at Westminster Academy, they were led to come to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church five years ago. It was around that time that Pastor Rob Pacienza was stepping into the lead pastor role and so they decided to come and hear him preach. After the service, Alejandra and her husband felt a strong confirmation f...

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Sixty Years Testimony | Mary Jane Vanden Berge

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Over 20 years ago, God led Paul and Mary Jane Vanden Berge to come to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Right off the bat, they were challenged to get into God's Word and to understand what it says about Christ. With grateful hearts, the couple listened to the teachings, which prompted them not only to be hearers of the Word but how to apply it, share it, and train soul win...

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Sixty Years Testimony | Ed Howell

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I am a missionary kid and was raised in the Faith. My father loved Dr. Kennedy. I went to Cedarville College in Ohio; a Baptist School. However, over the years I drifted from the Lord and Church. I went through a divorce and was lonely and started going to bars to find solace. I eventually got into drugs and during the 80's got heavily addicted to cocaine. My life spirale...

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Sixty Years Testimony | Rob and Dale

Watch this video testimony of how God has used Coral Ridge to bring about life transforming relationships! ...

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