Q&A with Pastor Rob

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QUESTION: I have a friend who lives with her boyfriend and they have a son.  They have been together for years now, but haven't married.  She has come to know the Lord and is terrified that if she doesn't get married and "make it right with God" that she will go to hell.  She's expressed her concern with her boyfriend and he is really reluctant to get married.  What is someone in this position called to do?

ANSWER: The first thing we need to do is clarify the gospel, which says that we are made right with God on the basis of Christ’s righteousness, imputed to us by faith in Christ. When we die, we will either go to heaven or hell based on whether or not we have faith in Jesus alone for salvation. She is right in her longing to get married. The Bible defines a family as one man married to one women for life. The husband and wife are to love each other physically, spiritually and emotionally and bear children within this union. I would recommend that your friend and her boyfriend seek a Christian counselor that we can recommend privately to navigate this question. It is a complicated issue but one that can certainly be resolved with good, godly counsel.  - Pastor Rob

QUESTION: My grown daughter says she believes that there is God, and has faith, but has not seen actual proof that God really exists!  This is very disturbing to me because I know he is within me, and she can see proof if she even looks all around her at God's creation! I wish I knew exactly how to answer her! Can you help me with this?

ANSWER: Great question. As a parent, I know the longing I have for my children to be grounded in their beliefs concerning God. Regarding His existence the Church has always relied on 5 basic realities: 

  1.   For every effect there is a cause. If somethings exists now, something has always existed. This demands a self-existent, eternal being which is the ultimate cause of all effects. 
  1.   The undeniable fact there are absolute truths in this world requires the existence of an absolute being. 
  1. The universe and everything in it has a unique design. Even Darwin reluctantly acknowledge design when formulating his theory of evolution. Design requires a Designer. 
  1.    The human longing for meaning, purpose, and identity. If there is no God, and everything is random and meaningless, why do we spend our entire lives attempting to attain these things? The longing comes from the One who ultimately defines meaning, purpose, and identity for His creation. 
  1.   Stories of personal transformation over centuries, including our own, might be the greatest evidence of all that a supernatural being exists. I’m not the man I was 20 years ago, and the only reason is because of the existence of God in my life. 

 -Pastor Rob

QUESTION: Is a divorced person still married since what God has joined no man can seperate?

ANSWER: No, a divorced person is not married. This is the reason why God is explicit when he says “I hate divorce”. He alone brings husband & wife together and he alone can separate them. Therefore the statement “What God has joined no man can put asunder” is to say that it is not the will of God for humanity to make this decision. It is a sacred union that can only be separated by God’s authority. -Pastor Rob

QUESTION: Why does God allow a deadly virus in the first place?

ANSWER: We don’t know why God allows the virus or other calamities to occur. There will be things that we’ll never be able to understand concerning God’s will this side of Heaven. However, there are a few things we do know concerning the bad things that happen in this world and in our lives. The first is that although we can’t understand it, we do know that God hates it. This virus is another result of the fall that grieves God and is the whole reason God sent His Son into the world to bring about the redemption and restoration of all things. The second is the Christian needs to lean into two truths concerning God during this season: His goodness and His sovereignty. On the one hand, God is always good and on the other hand, He is in control of all things. While we don’t understand the will of God, we can always trust Him. -Pastor Rob

QUESTION: Can we do drive-through communion?

ANSWER: I love the creative thinking! However, this drive-through communion, along with serving communion in the home, is counter intuitive to what the New Testament Church intended. The whole purpose of communion is to bring the body of Christ together. It is not an individualistic practice, but an opportunity for us to "commune" together. It is never to be done apart, but as one unified body. I truly long for the day when we are once again worshipping together as a one body, when we will joyfully break bread in the presence of our Lord and in the presence of each other. -Pastor Rob

QUESTION: Why is it important to do a series through the whole Bible?

ANSWER: I want us to see that there is one main story of God’s rescue, redemption, and restoration throughout the entire Bible. The many stories of our lives and this world will only begin to make sense when we understand the complete Story of God.We don't want to only talk about a biblical worldview, we actually want to give you the tools to develop one. At CRPC we desire for every member at every stage to see every facet of life through the lens of the Bible. -Pastor Rob