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The purpose of Outreach at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church has two parts:
The Church is called to care for the most vulnerable of society. Our primary outreach initiatives will be aimed at both mercy and reform. Mercy ministries will seek to support and serve those affected by hardship. Reform ministries will seek to increase the justice of the society of our region. As both efforts aim beyond the walls of our church, each will lead us into partnership with other churches, ministries, and those in local/regional positions of leadership.
(Jeremiah 29; Zechariah 7:10-11; Luke 10:25-37)

The Church of Jesus Christ advances as followers of Jesus make disciples of Jesus. We are committed to equipping the people of our church to share their faith and allow the Gospel to be the catalyst for ministering to those in need. Jesus sovereignly promises to build his Church. We will fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism and gospel-centered church planting. The scope of the Great Commission extends to those who come onto our campus, our neighbors, and to all the nations. (Matthew 28:16-20)

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Avondale (FirstSide)
Ema South Florida
Habitat for Humanity Broward
Hope for South Florida
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EE International
One Hope
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ministry update v2
On August 14, Pastor Rob interviewed Pastor Ronnie Bassous live from Beruit to get an update on the crisis in Lebanon and how we as a church can respond to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the region during this challenging time. 

CLICK HERE to support the relief efforts in Lebanon.

CLICK HERE to support the rebuilding efforts in Lebanon.


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EE International: Sign up to be a trainer in Evangelism Explosion. Details can be found here!
Ema South Florida: Sign up to join their volunteer team on their website.

FirstSide (Avondale): Sign up to volunteer for the Saturday Sports program contact John Hicks or sign up on the website.

Habitat for Humanity of Broward: Sign-up for their Volunteer Saturdays in the Rick Case Community on their website.

HomesUnited: Sign up to become a mentor at www.homesunited.org or call Duane Mellor at 954-600-1506. 
Hope South Florida: Volunteer at a "shared meal site" (open 7 days a week) - www.hopesouthflorida.org or Contact Bev Atkinson at beva@crpc.org 
Hope Women's Center: Sign up to volunteer here, friendsofhope.com/volunteer

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Habitat for Humanity of Broward: $25 a month helps pay for building blocks to provide a house for a family of five sponsored by Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church - Lot #169 in the Rick Case Community.

Vision of Hope Ministries: $36 dollars a month gives a child a chance to attend and receive meals at a Christian school in Haiti (School Susan Schuenke in Cap Haitien, Haiti) the total number of students needing support is 25.

Cuba Church Planting: $50 dollars a month can help Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church plant a third church in 2021 in Cuba. Total Cost - $10,000

HomesUnited: $300 dollars a month provides a home for the hurting. HomesUnited provides homes for Women, Men, Veterans and Families. HomesUnited has a goal to house 30 people in 2021.

Ema South Florida: $30 a month can help provide mentor support and supplies for mothers in the program.

FirstSide (Avondale): $100 a month supports low-income families with resources and development programs.

EE International: $25 sponsorship provides resources for people domestically and internationally to attend a “Share your Faith” workshop.

OneHope: Reach 3 children per dollar with God’s word. Every 33 cents you give provides scripture for the next generation all over the world.

Hope South Florida: $3 provides a meal for a person who is in need in South Florida. Help support our feeding program to reach 200 individuals each month.
Click below to give and select Outreach. In the memo line please include what ministry you would like to support. Thank you for your generosity in making a kingdom impact!

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