Relief, Development, and Social Reform for the Poor

Saturday Benevolence (ongoing) | 10:30am-12:30pm
The benevolence program serves the homeless and struggling in the community by providing food, clothing, and support to families and individuals in need. Rest and relief. “God doesn’t need our good works but our neighbor does.” —Martin Luther
Contact: Bev Atkinson | 954-334-5279

Thanksgiving Project (annual)
Each year Coral Ridge reaches out to the community of Avondale by giving Thanksgiving meals to families who are in need.
Contact: Bev Atkinson | 954-334-5279

No Strings Attached (annual)
In the spring, the Outreach Department reaches out to the homeless in Broward County. The church provides meals, music, haircuts, fellowship, clothing, and more.
Contact: Bev Atkinson | 954-334-5279

Be Our Guest (bi-annual)
Coral Ridge partners with Hope South Florida to give week-long shelter and relief to moms and children in crisis.
Contact: Bev Atkinson | 954-334-5279

HOPE South Florida, ministry partner (ongoing)
HOPE South Florida is a non-profit organization. Motivated by God's love for our city the Christian community and other partner agencies have joined together seeking to serve homeless and hurting individuals and families. Through partnerships with the Christian community services and churches we are providing housing, mentoring relationships and community one-stop service centers, we seek to see broken families renewed and lives restored.

Contact: 954-563-0775