Programs & Projects

At Coral Ridge we believe that God is on a mission to rescue and replenish a world lost and broken by sin, thereby "making all things new" (Revelation 21:5).

We believe that the most startling aspect of God's mission is that he has presently enlisted his imperfect people (the church) to take part in carrying out his glorious work of revitalization. Christians have been rescued by God in Christ to become agents of renewal - missionaries. This means that churches are designed by God to be instruments of renewal in the world, not only spiritually renewing individual lives but also physically renewing cultural forms and structures, helping to make all that is crooked in our world straight.

Therefore, God wants us to immerse ourselves in the rehabilitation of hearts and houses, souls and society. We're to care about the renewal of both individuals and the culture at large. This requires word and deed, proclamation and demonstration. God is renewing human hearts and recreating all things through his church.

This is our mission to the world.

Our Outreach Projects serve the widow, orphan, unborn, prisoner, and poor through relief, development, and social reform. Click on any link below to see how you can get involved in these projects.