Hurricane Irma


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Update as of 9/12/2017: 2:15pm
Good Afternoon! We pray as power is being restored around the community, that you are able to start returning to a sense of normalcy. The church has been operating on generator power, which is expected to soon go out. That being said, there are a lot of perishable food items in the church refrigerators that need to be eaten. We will be hosting a neighborhood cookout tonight as community outreach. Following the cookout, we ask that anyone who is able to stay and help with cleanup in and around the church and surrounding neighborhood would assist.

- Tonight, September 12 at 5:00pm
- Gangway Patio
- Neighborhood and Church cleanup to follow
- Please bring extra supplies if you have them readily available (water, canned foods, extra gas or gas cans, mops, garbage bags, brooms, tree trimming equipment, buckets, etc.)
This will be a great way to come together as a church body and positively impact the community we live in during this time of rebuilding. We look forward to seeing you tonight!
Update as of 9/11/2017: 2:30pm
We are grateful today that our South Florida community has been spared from a direct hit by Hurricane Irma. However, we remain mindful that many parts of Florida will be dealing with a much longer and more difficult recovery than we face. Now is the time to join together as a church body to help in each of our communities by reaching out to neighbors to see what you can do to help, and being in prayer for those who have been and are still being impacted by Irma. We will continue to update you with ways you can help the relief effort in those harder hit areas. 

  • Sunday, September 17 we will have our Kickoff Breakfast (9:00am) and One Sunday Worship Service (10:00am).
  • Wednesday Night Fall Programs will begin on Wednesday, September 20. 
  • All church activities will be canceled through this Friday.
  • Men's Retreat is postponed until further notice.
If you have a need that the church can respond to, please CLICK HERE to request assistance or reply to this email. 
Please continue to check back for updates and post-storm relief efforts.
Update as of 9/6/2017: 1:00pm
Based on the projected path of Irma and other county-wide closures, Coral Ridge will be canceling all events from Wednesday evening through Sunday. Please see below for specific event cancelations. We will keep you updated on the rescheduling of these events.  
Wednesday (9/6): Prayer Service and Gangway Kickoff
Thursday (9/7): Trees of Hope Prevention Training 
Sunday (9/10): Kickoff Breakfast, Worship Service and Hospitality Luncheon
As of today, we plan to reschedule the One Sunday Worship Service and Kickoff Breakfast to Sunday, September 17. We also plan to launch our Wednesday night fall programs on Wednesday, September 13. We will update this as conditions following the storm are assessed.
CLICK HERE for more information on hurricane preparedness from the National Hurricane Center.

If you are in a life or death emergency situation, please call 911. If it is a need that the church can respond to, please CLICK HERE to request assistance or reply to this email. 

If you are in need of shelter please CLICK HERE for a list of Broward County shelters available to you.

Please remember to be in prayer for all those that may be impacted by this storm. 


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